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Reviewing a list of life insurance FAQ is an easy and quick way to learn about life insurance. FAQ or frequently asked questions tend to be comprehensive and easy to follow. One popular life insurance FAQ is "how much will it cost?". The quick and easy response to that question is to click on the quote tool above and in exchange for a few minutes of your time, you will find out what several companies would charge you. If a life insurance question is pressing on your mind, chances are it is a FAQ.


Why Do I Even Need Life Insurance?

You need life insurance to protect your family and loved ones from having to pay things from their own pockets, in case of your death like:

  • funeral expenses
  • estate fees
  • personal debts

Furthermore, if you have people who rely on your income, like a spouse or children, you want to be able to provide security in the form of replacement of your salary for a certain period of time or to pay certain expenses, like college.


How Do I Choose Which Type Of Life Insurance Is Best For Me?

Depending on what stage of life you are in, your life insurance needs differ greatly. If you have many financial obligations and people who depend on you, you should carry a term life policy that will take care of those things. However, a whole life policy is a good choice if you have lifelong commitments or want a policy that has cash value, fixed premiums and a guaranteed death benefit.

A good choice for many people is to take out a whole life policy for a smaller amount because the premiums are higher. It is useful to have enough whole life coverage to take care of end of life expenses. Then, use term policies to insure the rest of your obligations during that period of your life when they are highest.


What Are Riders And Do I Need Them On My Policy?

Riders allow you to add extra coverage to your policy. They cost a little more but may very well be worth the cost. Some common riders include:

  • Accidental death benefit riders pay an extra amount if you die as the result of an accident.
  • Waiver of premium riders allow you to miss premium payments until you recover if you become disabled for more than 6 months before the age of 60.
  • Spousal riders allow you to add your spouse to your policy, providing he or she meets underwriting requirements.
  • Children's riders allow you to include all your children under a certain age on your policy for a set amount of coverage.


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